Becoming CF/FETI

In 1986, the Centrifugal, Vane Axial, Industrial (CVI) business unit was created to expand product offerings in heavy commercial and light industrial applications for a growing mechanical rep network, also targeting original equipment manufacturing (OEM) sales. Over time, CVI continued producing for high potential segments, including lab exhaust systems, fan arrays, and data center ventilation fans, driving annual sales over $200M. The potential for further growth was clear. From here, CF & FETI (Centrifugal Fan & Fume Exhaust and Tubular Inlines) were born.

This transition is reminiscent of the Fan & Vent business unit, which divided into three separate units several years ago, creating Axial/Inline, PRV, and Ceiling as we know today. Thanks to this roadmap and our exceptional team members, the change has been seamless.

Eric Drengler, general manager, CF, notes, “CF/FETI is a chance for us to focus on what we do best—being easy to do business with. This expansion helps us better serve our customers and stay ahead of the curve
among competitors—both as an employer and manufacturer.”

Each business unit concentrates on unique product development, markets, competitors, and customer needs. In turn, more pathways may open for team members to take on leadership roles or explore specialized skills and professional development.

Like many of our businesses, CF and FETI products are manufactured in multiple locations to provide exceptional service to customers across the communities in which we operate. CF/FETI products are manufactured by our teams in Shelby, NC (CF); Tulsa, OK (FETI); and Schofield, WI – Facility 8 (CF & FETI).

“We’re positioning ourselves to take advantage of market opportunities that we may not have been able to explore previously,” said Drengler. “This is the exciting continuation of the long history and success of CVI, allowing us to continue our commitment to growth for years to come.”

Becoming CF/FETI
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