Bringing Education On The Road

We continuously seek innovative ways to enhance the overall sales experience for our customers. Part of that innovative approach is being able to take learning on the road. As of last year, we are equipped with three mobile learning vehicles to take product education directly to our customers’ doorsteps.

Our mobile trailers enable participants to gain practical experience with our systems and products. This approach helps strengthen our sales reps’ ability to promote and sell products.

Recently, our new Air Distribution Trailer was showcased to our team members in Bushnell, Florida. This trailer focuses on Grilles, Registers & Diffusers (GRD), Air Terminal Units (ATU), and the Healthcare, Laboratory & Cleanroom (HLC) business units. Equipment on the trailer includes installation examples and fully operational product demonstrations. It is an excellent way to showcase the quality and breadth of our products first-hand.

By bringing simple and complex fan systems directly to customers, we can practice our commitment to customer service and education and foster stronger relationships. By prioritizing convenience, hands-on learning, and personalized interactions, our Greenheck Group team members are driving success and growth in the competitive marketplace.

Bringing Education On The Road
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