Crafting Experts in Brazing

Training and process improvement is a constant goal for our teams, and in our Brownsville, TN location, it is no different. Recently, Precision Coils team members underwent extensive braze training in a huge effort to invest in people and operations.

Brazing is a fundamental technique in our field, crucial for joining metals. Braze training equips individuals with the skills to execute this intricate process effectively.

“The training is a detailed, tactical breakdown of heating methods, braze design, base metals, and application data of metal joining,”said Vince Hughes, senior manufacturing engineer.“ It is structured asa lecture with ample discussion time along with in-person, hands-on training to maximize learning.”

Team members learned and mastered the six fundamental steps for brazing, including finding proper clearance, cleaning metals, fluxing the parts, assembly, brazing the assembly, and cleaning the finished joint. Completion of this course provides team members with knowledge to help increase braze and solder efficiency. In turn, this reduces variable costs, eliminates costly rejects, and minimizes field failures.

~Jonathan Harris, Plant Manager, TN

Crafting Experts in Brazing
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