Developing Success: Our Value of Continuous Improvement

Our team members recognize the value of personal and professional growth, especially by our core values of investing in people and operations, and continuous improvement through learning, innovation, and teamwork. Through training and professional development, there is a stronger future for all team members seeking to grasp it.

The focus of our many training programs is the people. New hire training emphasizes the basics of navigating production processes and learning company culture while acquiring basic skill sets. Alternatively, teaching veteran team members to improve their current skill set supports their growth and that of the business unit.

Continuous learning is an opportunity for all of us. Trainings utilizing new equipment, new software, or new technologies can directly influence your current work, and the work you wish to do in the future.

Recently, a team member seeking improvement underwent Electrical 101 training despite not having the requirement of an electrical background for their job duties. Upon completion, they felt confident to assist with any electrical need that arises. Because of their willingness to train, learn, and incorporate new lessons, they have become a greater asset to their team.

Other trainings can lead to certifications or even advanced degree programs. If we can help a team member complete their degree, acquire certification for an advanced role, or master a new skill, that can lead them to additional opportunities to add to their resume.

Process improvement is another crucial aspect driving team member development in manufacturing. By encouraging team members to identify inefficiencies and propose innovative solutions, companies like us can streamline operations, reduce waste, and enhance overall productivity.

Team members hoping to advance in their on-the-job training, education, and improve business processes are not exclusively supporting Greenheck Group’s growth. They are also contributing to the long-term success of their own professional and personal growth. We could not be more excited to be part of that journey.

Developing Success: Our Value of Continuous Improvement
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