Diane Resch Celebrates 50 Years

Diane Resch has witnessed firsthand so many of our important milestones and company developments. This summer she achieves her own personal milestone – she is celebrating 50 years with Greenheck Group!

Her first role was a keypunch operator in IT. She has continued working in the IT department in various other positions ever since. Throughout her career with Greenheck Group, Diane sought to continually challenge herself in finding creative solutions to tough problems.

“Diane often shared insights about various projects with the team in support of others,” said Melissa Stroup, systems analyst team lead and Diane’s supervisor. “She was always dedicated to her career and we’re very lucky to have had her involvement on tough implementations.”

One of her favorite work memories was about 35 years ago when Bob Greenheck toured her around Plant 2. They were looking to identify potential problems during implementation of a new attendance system. It was an engaging and exciting time to be on the floor, troubleshooting and fixing problems. That and other IT projects were more about fun in her mind.

“I remember clearly the camaraderie and closeness being so important,” Diane recounted. “I feel lucky to have been just a part of an amazing organization.”

Throughout her career, her managers continuously credited her and her team for their contributions and accomplishments. She was able complete her degree with support of Greenheck Group. She is an active member of the Remote GEN and has been a part of the Quarter Century Club for many years.

Diane’s hard work, commitment to her role, and care for her team members has made a positive impact at Greenheck Group. We could not be prouder of her accomplishments in her 50 years with our team. Thank you, Diane, for 50 years! We are so thankful for her five decades of contribution!

Diane Resch Celebrates 50 Years
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