Meet Our Team: Donna McNeilly, NC

You would be hard pressed to find a brighter smile or a happier Greenheck Group team member than Donna McNeilly in King’s Mountain, NC. Donna has been with Greenheck Group for almost three years and says teamwork and camaraderie are some of the most important parts of the job to her.

We sat down to talk with Donna about her start with the company, her advancements, and her everyday outlook as a valued member of our team.

What brought you to apply to Greenheck Group?

“I kept hearing all over that Greenheck Group was a great place to work. I wish I would have applied sooner!”

Why do you enjoy working for Greenheck Group?

“Some people may say they dread going to work, but this is a job that I’ve never dreaded. I love each day and I’m happy to be a part of this team because we work as a family. There’s so much teamwork on the shop floor, from everyone. We have fun, eat together, and laugh. I hope to retire from here one day.

I tell people who may think negatively about manufacturing that your job is what you make of it. If you make it fun and enjoyable, then your job is never boring.”

What do you think is the recipe for a successful team?

“Love is the recipe for success in anything that you do. In this job, love means doing the work with care and kindness–treating your team members like family, because that’s what they are. My team is very supportive and always has been.”

Do you feel supported by your team?

“I’ve lost my hearing and wear hearing aids. Everyone knows it, and they help me and work with me. The batteries died one day. My team members were helpful and understanding.

I was recently given some difficult personal news, and my HR manager took time out of her lunch break to sit with me and talk. There are special people in this company who will calm each other and help each other when needed.

Even the managers come to the floor to help. They talk with you and make you feel like we’re all part of the same team where everyone works together.”

What is something unique about working for Greenheck Group?

“There’s a lot of positive movement and growth. We work to make sure things are efficient, safe, and clean. I also think it’s important that we get involved with the community. I volunteer with a lot of my team members and recommend that everyone in the company do the same if they are able. It’s so fulfilling to support our community in so many great ways.”

Meet Our Team: Donna McNeilly, NC
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