Inventing Innovation

Greenheck Group employs some of the brightest, most creative, and hardest working people in the world. Did you know we have a certified inventor on our team in North Carolina?

Cory Bacorn is a product development specialist II with the ATU business unit in Marion, NC. Cory’s work was instrumental in Greenheck Group being awarded a U.S. Patent for an Automatic Airflow Balancing Valve earlier this year.

The Automatic Airflow Balancing valve is a product that can automatically regulate airflow via static pressure and not electricity. This makes it possible for buildings to carefully control the airflow without requiring expensive building management systems.

Our team went through multiple prototypes of the motor assembly. Once we achieved a design thatworked well and was manufacturable, we began making prototypes.

The new patented process features an automatic airflow balancing valve with a small actuator. It was designed to be installed on the backside of the blade and kept out of the airstream. Since the blade needs to be able to move easily, installing a motor assembly onto the blade proved difficult but Cory was able to solve this problem.

Our motor and gearing assembly has been tested for hundreds of thousands of cycles without any degradation. Thanks to Cory’s hard work and persistence, we have been awarded the patent for this device–just another reason why Greenheck Group is a great place to innovate and work!

~Mike Collins, Engineering Manager-GRD, FL

Inventing Innovation
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