North Carolina is Leading For Culture

Recently the North Carolina Campus Leadership Team has embarked on a purposeful, practical and eye-opening journey to become more effective leaders in the workplace. In partnership with the corporate Culture & Engagement team, we are in the process of completing a series of structured weekly training modules that will aid in the development of our individual and combined ability to lead our respective teams across the campus.

The basic training curriculum consists of six separate modules. To date we have completed the first three, which focus on Unconscious Bias, Unlocking the Strength of Your Team, and Proactive Leadership. Each of the sessions are interactive and include several exercises that allows participants to identify areas of individual improvement. 

The first session was delivered in-person by members of the Culture & Engagement team. They were supported by our local HR business partner Susan Lankford and labor relations representative Penny Lovin, as well as Tucona Crowder, Director of HR for several BUs on the campus. Their partnership and coordinated efforts added invaluable enhancements to the overall training experience, described by participants as positively reshaping the way they view their roles as leaders.

Following the first module, subsequent sessions were conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams and the team interaction remained at a very high level. We are eager to complete the next sessions and highly recommend the “Leading for Culture” training for all people-managers across the organization!

North Carolina is Leading For Culture
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