Marching Toward Dominance Together: 2024 Rep Partners Meeting

As we turned the page into a new fiscal year, the sales organization started out on a strong note. We successfully hosted a Rep Partners Meeting at our Oklahoma campus, where our mutually beneficial relationships were strengthened and visions shared.

Two hundred rep partners, including owners, branch managers, and engineering managers flew in from throughout the U.S. and Latin America. The goal, in conjunction with the meeting theme “Marching Toward Dominance Together,” was to share the vision of a deliberate partnership focusing on increasing customer loyalty for the benefit of our mutual long-term security.

From the outset, we invited the rep partners to be part of the dialogue rather than host a one way lecture. They participated in panels sharing knowledge and best practices on org structure, recruiting, and data analytics. Our leaders spent time discussing major initiatives such as our new air-distribution and rooftop business units, and continued investment in fan technologies, just to name a few topics. We shared the strategy behind our investments, diving deeper into the impact and opportunities. We encouraged continued support and collaboration with Greenheck Group and shared a vision of the future which meant aggressive reinvesting into their own markets and businesses.

The meeting received high praises from internal team members and our rep partners and exemplified our value of mutually beneficial partnerships. The rep partners appreciated being pulled into strategic discussions and left feeling more connected to a shared vision for our future.

Hear what Chief Sales Officer, Matt Spink, shares about this year’s rep meeting:

Marching Toward Dominance Together: 2024 Rep Partners Meeting
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