Rooftop Units: A New Opportunity

Since 1947, innovation has fueled Greenheck Group’s growth. Our winning recipe of producing high quality products while being easy to do business with has motivated Greenheck Group to do something we’ve never done before: create a new business unit before a product design or manufacturing facility existed.

“Greenheck Group’s commitment to investing in people and operations is really highlighted with this project,” said Dave Berg, senior manufacturing engineering manager. “This is the first time we are not incubating a new business unit within an existing business unit. This is truly a commitment to the future.” 

Launched less than a year ago, the Rooftop Unit (RTU) business unit is a natural product expansion for Greenheck Group. A rooftop unit is an HVAC product containing all heating, cooling, and air movement components in a compact box. Rooftop units are found on many small-to-medium size commercial and institutional buildings such as offices, retail stores, and schools.

“We like to draw an analogy from the automotive industry,” said Taylor Dane, engineering manager, RTU. “DOAS products are designed for the heavy-duty work of a large pickup truck, while RTUs are the common sedan.”

In addition to leveraging our manufacturing and technology expertise in DOAS, the RTU line will rely on many components that we manufacture already, including supply fans, condensing fans, and dampers.

“Parallel to the RTU development, many other business units are innovating and inventing products that will directly benefit themselves and RTU,” said Taylor.

With our product launch in calendar year 2025, we know a mountain of work still stands in front of us. We look forward to product design and testing, building a new manufacturing facility on our Tulsa Campus, installing new manufacturing equipment, and implementing customer facing and manufacturing systems. Our plan is built from a 77-year foundation of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise which gives us the confidence to achieve our targeted goals and milestones. And we hope to establish a blueprint for ground-up business unit development for future Greenheck Group products along the way.

Rooftop Units: A New Opportunity
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