Something To Build On

This summer, Greenheck Group bids farewell to two leaders with careers spanning nearly four decades. Tim Kilgore, Greenheck sales president, and Dave Kallstrom, chief marketing officer, stalwarts of the manufacturing industry, are set to retire this summer, leaving behind a legacy of innovation, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

Dave Kallstrom started his 38-year career with Greenheck in sales. His territory stretched from Kentucky to Texas. Greenheck’s sales communications were on paper and through mail. Team members would take turns on Saturdays to make post office runs. Office computer technology was still growing.

“I remember when fax machines first came out,” Dave said. “The fax felt like black magic because of how fast we were able to communicate with one another.”

Soon Dave transitioned to Dampers, spearheading sales and marketing efforts for what was then a start-up segment. He spent about ten years in this business unit, and affectionately became known as Damper Dave to sales reps. He was defined as the rocksteady personnel within the business unit who could always be relied on.

“I always appreciated Dave’s calming nature in a potentially chaotic industry,” said Kristin Meliska. “He’d always say ‘It will all come together by the end – and if it hasn’t, then it’s not the end.’”

With each passing year, Dave’s role continued to evolve, mirroring Greenheck Group’s growth and evolution as a company. From pioneering CAPS modules to work with internal systems, to the development of international operations in markets like Mexico and India.

“It was a lot of fun starting the Saltillo, Mexico plant,” Dave said. “A majority of the initial team are still there. It’s such a nice facility with great people.”

Tim Kilgore’s journey with Greenheck Group spans 19 years of commitment and leadership. He was promoted to the role of Vice President after only three weeks with the company, where he was tasked with revitalizing then-struggling business units like dampers and louvers. Tim embraced the challenge and in a memorable moment, worked to split up the two.

“I wanted dampers and louvers to develop their own personalities and grow,” Tim said. “To grow from underperformers to some of our strongest performers, making us market leaders for both products.”

It was that level of hands-off nurturing that helped Tim to develop into the effective leadership role.

“Tim fostered a positive and productive work environment,” said Mike Wolf, industry & regulatory relations director. “He allowed many of us the autonomy to engage with our customer base to be most effective in our roles.”

Tim also gained valuable Fan experience by leading CVI. Eventually he was asked to take on a sales and marketing role, and established himself as a leader for growth. Recent WI improvements include renovating the education center to add classroom space.

Having worked in so many areas of the organization, Tim had some strong advice for newcomers and veterans of Greenheck Group alike.

“Don’t get siloed into one part of the business,” Tim said. “There are so many opportunities to move around the company. Our successful leaders succeed when they acquire different career experiences.”

As Tim and Dave embark on their next chapters, their departure leaves a mark on us all. Their efforts, innovation, and commitment to excellence have shaped the company’s past and also helped lay the foundation for its future.

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Something To Build On
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